A New Journey

The beginning of any rehearsal process is a special time. The opportunity to create something that had not yet existed in the world until a team of like-minded individuals bravely embark on a search for the truth - what's better than that?!

I began rehearsal for AND IN THIS CORNER: CASSIUS CLAY by Idris Goodwin (playing at Birmingham Children's Theatre) last week and I find myself more reflective at the beginning of this process than I ever have before. While the journey of creating theatre is one I deeply cherish, working in Birmingham is taking me away from my daughter, Journey, right as she's starting to show her personality.

The plight of the freelance artist/parent is relative - no, it is not the hardest job on the planet, yet, it is a difficult one. I miss the family time with Lauren and Journey and also enjoy working in the regional theatre, spending several weeks in a community other than my home market, collaborating with unfamiliar artists who grow to become life-long friends. As she matures, I know I will have to make several hard choices with regards to being a present father for Journey versus career pursuits and aspirations.

I'm blessed to have a strong village of artistic mentors who have found their answers to this complicated question. I have been emboldened by the models they set and remain vigilant in my attempt to avoid the pitfalls they've encountered. I continue to welcome all advice and wisdom from those who have it and what to share. It's a new experience for Lauren and me and we know the process to finding the balance we need is dificult but rewarding. I've never been more committed to creating something, that until this moment, never existed.