Now represented by Susan Gurman Agency!

As a foolish early-career artist, I spent an absurd amount of time desiring to be represented by an agent. I thought that an agent would be just the thing I needed to take my career to the next level. After a very ugly experience in '14, I decided to fall back and go at it on my own. I didn't reconsider having an agent until Susan Gurman reached out. In our initial and subsequent conversations, she presented herself as a friend and a genuine advocate for Jamil, the person over Jamil, the artist. I now realize what I needed wasn't an agent but was someone who cared enough about me, my family, and my aspirations to assist me in my goals and advocate on my behalf. I am so happy to have found that person in Susan.

I'm very proud to her and her team represent me. Check out my profile on her website and check out some of the other artists she represents.