The stories we tell the ones we love

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You ever stop to think about all of the stories you share with the various people in your life? Ever think on how the stories you tell with your childhood friends differ so sharply from those you tell to your colleagues (and God forbid those two groups ever meet!)? I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the stories that lie at the core of my relationships lately. I just opened THE DRAWER BOY, a play about the stories we tell one another, on Friday (Feb. 13th) and I am now even more aware of the immense power of storytelling. In the play, we see how stories, both true and false, create the context for our relationships. Moreover, we see what happens when those stories, and the entire relationship’s context, is brought into question. I’m extremely proud of the work the actors, designers, and crew put into this show and I hope you get a chance to check it out. It runs at Theatre in the Round until March 8th. Thanks to the folks at RedCurrent for giving me a chance to chat about the show. You can also check out a few of the press blurbs from the Star Tribune and MinnPost. Hit me up if you plan on attending and I got you.

It’s application season! I feel like I’m emailing and calling references for letters, synthesizing my life story into personal narratives tailored to each grant's guidelines, and sending off an application every other week or so. For every application I get off successfully, I recognize a grant or opportunity I missed the deadline on. I have applications out for some really cool opportunities and I’ll keep you posted on the outcomes. Send your love, support, and good vibes my way. 

Speaking of grants and such, Josh Wilder and I received a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board to produce a Black Arts Festival in the Twin Cities showcasing the work of emerging Black artists from various disciplines. Josh and I have been on a collaborating roll, as we just completed work on his new play, THE HIGHWAYMEN, which culminated in a reading during History Theatre’s RAW STAGES FESTIVAL. Check out this write-up from a local blogger.

Looking back: It's a blessing that THE PIANO LESSON received several end of the year commendations. Looking ahead: Upcoming projects include assistant directing at the Guthrie (CHOIR BOY), a remount of HABIBI, and staging a middle-school musical (INTO THE WOODS JR.), 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Arts Advocacy Day in Minnesota on February 19th. As an artist, and a board member of several non-profit organizations, I can’t overemphasize the importance of funding for the arts. On the 19th, join me and several other arts advocates as we lobby our state legislature, asking them to continue supporting the stories we tell.

Happy Valentine's Weekend all. Enjoy spending time with your Loves, reflecting on the stories and memories you've shared. 

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UPDATE: Arts Advocacy was so amazing